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We hope to improve lives one word, one person, one message at a time. we are media and content pros and

assist our authors with educational and multi-media resources. We get the word out!


We believe in personal growth and development and we create content for artists and businesses. We believe that our purpose is not merely to get a book published, but to provide the tools to learn and impliment the messages.

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We leave the biographies and tabloids to others, but we can offer the tools to learn crafts, professions and messages. Let us know if you have a topic you'd like us to cover and we will find the right person to help with that instruction.


Join our incredible author Peter Read Miller, who has been an instrumental photographer for Sports Illustrated and other publications. Learn the incredible craft of action, portraiture and sports photography.


This Land is Your Land, and ours. Join Gabrielle on her journey in Gabrielle's Land Too; learning about our country by following  the lyrics in the incredible Woody Guthrie song This Land is Your Land.

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Kind words from READERS (Just a Few)

On On Sports Photography,"I suggest you pick up THIS book. You will be glad you did."

Brad Mangin, Iconic Baseball Photographer

M.H. has given people at all levels the final exam answer key for the school of hard-knocks. Thanks for a wonderful book.

Roxanne Emmerich, Best Selling Author

Thank you for writing “The Essentials for Living Aboard a Boat”. My boat mate and I found it to be so informative that we’ve begun to refer to it has “Our Bible”!


On On Sports Photography, "This entire review could be written with fourteen words: If you want to shoot sports, you need this book. Go buy it now."

Jeff Guyer

Even in a world of rapid change, some things are unchanging. Read this book and let Nicholas show you those unchanging realities in the business world. It will take a decade off your learning curve.

Matthew Kelly, NYT Best Selling Author

Thank you, thank you, thank you… for people like my husband & I, your book gives great insight for people who are searching for alternative ways of exsisting on this crazy planet!


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Let us know if you have a book and message that is relevant, important and valuable. We'd love to hear about it!

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We are not just a publisher. We are in the media business - and want to help in every possible way when it comes to your message!

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Speaking and workshops are essential tools for messaging and success, particularly in the age of the Internet. Let us know how we can help!

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