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about Barely lit publications

Author-oriented for the new age

Barely Lit Publications knows that while we all need content that makes us better, the days of the traditional book are long gone. We learn from a wide variety of sources, including, books, blogs, YouTube, courses and so forth. Learning is easier than ever, but the model for teaching has changed.

Barely Lit is a content company. We publish the material, but we exist to generate content - videos, images, tutorials, YouTube shows and much more. These are the tools that the modern-day author needs and we are here to provide all of the tools necessary to partner with and ensure the success of our authors.

Meet Mark

author, speaker & Principal

Mark has worked closely with artists and creatives his entire professinal career, with more than 20 years practicing law, touring and the representation of more than 1,000 artist matters through CA, NY and PA volunteer lawyers for the arts.

Barely Lit Publications is a different kind of publisher, built not for the old traditional days of book printing and distribution, but for the new age of multi-media. BLP is associated with Manhattan Beach Studios, one of the premiere content shops in the world; with video, live streaming and photographic capabilities - and a ton of creative energy, behind its push. The BLP model of changing lives by education and opportunity is at our very core.

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why choose us

Real People Who Happen to be Authors

There is no ivory tower here. Ask a question, get an answer. Call and we'll talk. We love what we do and we want to be a part of the lives of the people who engage with us.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - It's Important to Us

We want you to be satisfied. We need you to be satisfied. If you're not satisfied, just let us know.


We Want Our Relationship to Extend Beyond The Book

A book can only teach so much. We put our heart and soul into the books, but we want to meet you in person and really help you to understand. Helping you get the very most of this is our goal, not merely taking some words and having them end up on a shelf.

Video Lessons Just for You! Ask and You May Receive!

You can not only ask us if you have questions, but we create videos every day, and respond to complex questions with video overviews when appropriate. Let us know if you don't understand something, or want more information, and we'll figure out the best way to work with you to answer your question.

our standards

Life Influencing Information

Whether it is a book, a presentation or a video, it can be the little things that can make the difference. We want to help make a difference.

Teaching First

We believe that expertise is not necessarily correlated with the ability to teach, so we believe in smart teachers. Teaching leads change.

The Person Drives the Lesson

As jack-of-all-trades ourselves, we believe in the message that opportunity and education changes lives. It is a critical part of what we believe and the foundation of what we do.